Haegan Altizer - A young and aspiring racer, Haegan stepped foot into the Snyder Cycles warehouse in late 2012 with the hopes of learning to build bike frames of his own. He has since toured Europe with his girlfriend on the two touring bikes he made and continues his education in fabrication with us. He is currently honing his wheel building and mechanic skills towards expert level at our retail store, and he is happy to help with all of your bike buying needs and advice in the showroom. If you see Haegan on the road, be sure to say 'hi', but if you get on his wheel, hold on for your life!

Jane Nguyen - Jane is co-owner and marketing director at Snyder Cycles. She graduated in 2009 and 2011 from Georgia State University with a BS in Sociology and BBA in Marketing. She is responsible for all of the mind manipulation techniques employed to get people into our store. Her interests include ketchup chips, yoga, cooking better than the TV chefs, and reading people’s minds. She currently works full-time at a virtual reality company, but can occasionally be seen helping at our retail store on the weekend.


Seth Snyder - Seth is the owner and lead mechanic at Snyder Cycles Seth’s interests include but are not limited to: crashing, track racing, beer, predicting numerical outcomes, classical and punk music, and one beautiful woman. He graduated from Southern Polytechnic in 2014 with an Associate of Science degree. Seth's bicycle education spans over 15 years in bike shops throughout the metro Atlanta area Seth has produced over 105 steel frames and built hundreds of wheels for riders and racers across the country.

Snyder Cycles is an Atlanta based bike sales and repair shop specializing in  custom, handbuilt bicycle wheels. Major brands we carry and sell are Cannondale, Scott, GT, and Schwinn bicycles. We offer service on all types of bicycles ranging from kids' bikes, downhill race bikes, triathlon bikes, fixies, hybrids, cyclocross bikes.... you get the picture. 

All of the bikes we sell come with 2 months of free adjustments, and free lifetime safety checks. If you ever have an issue with brakes, derailleurs, or basic bearing adjustments, we are here to help to make sure that the maintenance cost of your bicycle is reasonable and affordable.

Our custom wheel selections consist of a large range of domestically produced hubs and rims, as well as many brands with their own factories overseas. We are committed to selling only the finest quality wheel components to ensure that our hard work and attention to detail does not go to waste on cheaply manufactured goods.