Warranty information for Snyder Pro Wheels and Snyder Cycles frames and bicycles

Spoke Warranty: At Snyder Cycles we are so confident that our wheels will last you a lifetime that all Snyder Pro Wheels come with a limited lifetime guarantee against spoke breakage. If you break a spoke, we'll fix it. Simple as that. If it is determined there is a fundamental problem with a wheel, we will, at our discretion, re-lace the entire wheel with fresh spokes, nipples, or rims as necessary. Wheels determined to have been trued improperly by customers or their mechanics that resulted in broken spokes will not qualify for full re-lacing. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Wheel Warranty: All Snyder Pro Wheels and Snyder Cycles complete bikes come with free lifetime wheel truing and hub adjustments, should they be necessary. We prefer that your bring our wheels to us for truing because of the special techniques we employ during truing. Every wheel receives the Snyder Signature of Quality before being packed up to leave the shop. That signature is Seth's personal last check of any wheel to guarantee its road worthiness. See Spoke Warranty. 

Component Warranty: Snyder Cycles will assist with outside manufacturer warranty claims whenever necessary.