A road warrior is nothing without the Black Tar Hero.

The Black Tar Hero is Snyder Cycles' signature road bike for endless training and racing miles. Take off on a century, or bump elbows at a Cat 1 crit near you. Our custom geometries make the Black Tar Hero available for any road purpose for any size of rider. Custom sizing your frame allows us to provide you with the best ride you've ever had with custom selected tube diameters and alloys based on your body weight and riding style. For a cockpit or full bike, we have seven stem sizes and two seatpost offsets to ensure the perfect fit, weight distribution, and handling when paired with proper fitting techniques. Our complete road bikes are equipped with the most value packed, durable and high performance groups on the market, and they, of course, feature our hand built Snyder Pro Wheels for limitless high performance training and racing miles. All Snyder frames are available with custom Hot Shots Powder Coating for a high quality and durable finish in one of 6,000 available colors.

Starts at $1300 for 100% chromoly (average weight 4lbs) and $1,600 for Black Tar Hero SL with OX Platinum main triangle and several other weight saving changes (average weight 3.25lbs). $300 deposit required to begin production, delivery date is 4-6 months from fit consultation. 



Below is a sample of standard geometries for the Black Tar Hero. Custom geometries are available at no extra charge.