R.I.P. Snyder Cycles

Happy Halloween! It is also our 11 year anniversary! This has been a wild ride, but I am exiting the roller coaster at the end of the year. There is plenty to be missed, but I have not found myself wanting to continue on the same path.


Thank you to all of our supporters over the years. This is a list that I cannot begin to complete fairly or fully due to the immense amount of help I have had over the years, but allow me to try: My family and my closest friends who have encouraged me when this was the least simple thing I could do, my Uncle Charlie for helping me get started and impressing upon me the importance of good accounting, my bike shop colleagues throughout the years - all of whom provided me with new knowledge and guidance whether they knew it or not, all the crews at Free-Flite, Cycleworks, Alpha Bikes, A Trail of Wheels, and of course my own staff throughout the years at Snyder Cycles: Haegan, Kent, Christian, Lawrence, Andy, Collin, Ian, Vargas, Chad, Chris, Tucker, and SnackPack. Mike Barman for showing me what a track bike was, Michel Lamar for introducing me to the idea of brazing, Rob Babcock for teaching me to braze, Michael Horwitz for teaching me how to be a good boss, John Kovachi for teaching me how to build a wheel, to my repeat customers, my one-time customers, the walk-in customer who bought nothing but told me how cool the shop was, the vacationers who just like to check out bike shops and told me they liked my shop, all of the teams I have sponsored, my competition who have made me better, my industry contacts who have offered me valuable advice and time, my business contacts for their advice, my fellow bike shop owners for their advice and insight, my custom frame customers, my paint and powder customers, all of my wheel customers, and anyone who has shared the word, told their friends, and hopefully found some new customers. Thank you. Last but not least, thank you to my loving wife, Jane, for your all your help and late nights trying to solve problems, work on new ideas, marketing, and planning. Thank you.


I have had the honor and pleasure to meet so many different kinds of people in my business. Cyclists may be cyclists but they are surely made of all types. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many smart and talented individuals within my company as well as collaborators on team projects, volunteer events, races, etc. I have met but one bad seed in a very large bunch, and I have learned about so many different ways of thinking, viewing the world, approaching problems, communicating with people, and understanding other people's lives and ways. I was talking with Haegan about what I will miss most about this business and what I have enjoyed the most, and it truly is the relationships I have formed with so many people. I don't know that there will be a time in my life to come where I will meet so many good people through my work, but I know that there are good people and I hope to keep meeting them. I hope my future affords me as many great relationships as Snyder Cycles has.


Snyder Cycles has certainly been a labor of love and bicycles have been a passion since they saved me from myself in my middle teens, but it has been a massive undertaking. I have worked day and night to accomplish a dream, but being off-course without the proper guidance or experience to run the manufacturing company I wanted to has left me in a place where I did not intend to be. It is not a bad place when you think about the niceties of owning a bike shop, but I want something else.


We will be closing Christmas Eve and packing up after Christmas to vacate our space by December 29th. If you are interested in running a bike shop, nearly everything is for sale. I have great locations scouted out already for a future location, but I am not interested in running it except to get a new owner started. If you or someone you know is interested in running a bike shop, have them email me for specifics. My powder coating business is for sale as well. All equipment is installed and ready to roll and you can start making money tomorrow. If you are interested, simply email me and I will send you an informational pamphlet. I very much need to liquidate this powder coating equipment before the New Year, so if you have friends with metalworking businesses or know someone who wants their own business doing custom powdercoating, please have them contact me ASAP.


In the meantime, please let us not boo-hoo and blabber all over ourselves in the shop with the woe of impending doom. I have no idea what is coming for me, but I am not worried about it. I have a business to run until the New Year and would very much appreciate your continued patronage in these last few months, so let me entice you with 50% off all in-stock clothing, shoes, winter wear, and 10% off in-stock mountain bikes.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!