Spring is coming!

The groundhog said it, so it must be true! Time to start looking forward to warmer days and nicer bike rides, and time to pull that bike out of the garage or off the trainer and get it ready for the best riding of the year in Georgia! If you've been toughing it out and riding through the cold all winter, getting in those base miles, your steed could use a little love to get it back in shape for those epic rides you have planned for this year. Whether you're just getting started this year, looking to put in a new personal best on your favorite century ride, or trying to get those last few upgrade points you need a bike that won't hold you back. 

We're here to make sure you can focus on the ride. Take in the fresh air, feel the wind in your face, and enjoy the scenery instead of having to worry about that creaky bottom bracket or skipping chain. 

Drop your bike off before March 1st and save 15% on labor and 10% off any parts needed to get your bike perfectly tuned for spring! Plus if you're ready for an upgrade save 10% off the full price of a new set of hand-built Snyder Pro Wheels!