Add 2+ Millimeters with this One Simple Trick!

If you want bigger, we can help. Need a little extra girth? Add 2+ millimeters with this one simple trick! Do you want more to grip? Add size INSTANTLY! Grab a hold of these two big round wheels for the fattest road tires you've ever seen! Your normal wimpy 23 millimeters could be a WHOPPING 2.5 CENTIMETERS! Now THAT'S BIG! Starting with 25mm? Go ahead, show your friends your 25mm. Then show them your huge 27.7mm Michelin Lithions mounted to the 24mm wide Kinlin XR-31T tubeless ready deep-aero road rim. At 480 grams it is light, strong, aero, wide, and a hell of a rim. They're also brand new. These young fatties just got hooked up with the experienced yet still tight Zipp 88/188 hub combo. The Zipps have seen a few miles, but they're only 300g combined and ready to take a pounding on the pavement. Sapim CX-Ray Straight Pull plays matchmaker for this deviant duo.  CX-Ray's super slender blades slice through the air and shows its best sides of strength and low weight. With just 16 spokes on the front and 20 in the rear, this project is not eligible for pork-play or any muddy messes lasting longer than a half-hour. 


This is a special edition wheelset. There has probably never been one until now, and there probably will never be one again. Pairs like this are rare and should be appreciated for their specific strengths and weaknesses. This particular wheelset will take its end user the same places they normally go, but a whole hell of a lot faster. If you don't believe me, give me $600 and call me a liar. 1460g of climbing potential from one of the fattest  road rims on the market equals insane descending grip as well as a ridiculously deep aero profile for the fastest ride you may have ever experienced without worrying if your rims would de-laminate. 165 pound weight limit. Laced in-house at Snyder Cycles. Rims, tires, tubes, rim strips, spokes, and nipples are all brand new. Hubs are used. No warranty. Only 1 pair available. Call to place your order by phone and pickup in-store.